Academic Programming

Our year-round schedule of events tailored to academics and students includes lectures, workshops, conferences, master classes and expert meetings. These also include events organized around specific collections (Collection Study Days) and research networks (Labs).

Conferences, Lectures, and Workshops

Academic events are often organized jointly with our university and other research partners. Each year we organize a major international conference, coinciding with the annual Gerbrands Lecture, in collaboration with the Fund for Ethnology (FEL), Leiden. Between 2014-2018, we will organize a number of conferences and events under the collaborative SWITCH project.

Labs - Research Networks

Labs facilitate intensive discussions amongst an international group of researchers around the development of a particular research area. The first lab started in 2016 was Thinking Photography. Prompted by a desire to develop a network space for those interested to think openly and critically about (ethnographic/colonial) photography, their histories, materialities, theories and their roles in the present. Such a space is currently lacking in the Netherlands, which now with four Dutch museums under the NMVW, will host one of the largest and most important colonial/ethnographic collections in the world. In 2018 we also hope to launch labs on Technologies of the Body and the Question of Sovereignty.

Collection Study Days

We also orgnize collection study days for specialists and the general public alike to delve into different aspects of our collections. The focus of our study days is on the material and immaterial qualities of the collections, on styles, designs or the material from which they are made. We also focus on connecting materials – such as hair, silk or gold – with global histories and contemporary socio-political discussions.

Film screening | 20 Nov 2015 | RCMC
Lecture | 10 May 2016 | RCMC
Public lecture | 23 Jun 2016 | RCMC
Conference | 15-17 sept 2016 | RCMC
Event | 17 sep 2016 | RCMC
2016 Lecture Series