Senior Researcher & Research Coordinator

Carolyn Nakamura

Carolyn Nakamura

Senior Researcher & Research Coordinator


Carolyn Nakamura joined the RCMC in February 2017 as Academic Programs & Research Coordinator. She has held previous positions as a postdoc coordinator for the Global Interactions Research Profile at Leiden University  (2010-2016), and as a Lecturer at Stanford University in the Department of Anthropology (2008-2010).

She has a BA in Chemistry (Reed College) and a PhD in Anthropology (Columbia University). Her research loosely congregates around issues of material culture and urban formations. She has looked at issues of embodiment, materiality, and ritual in Neo-Assyrian apotropaic state magic, domestic world-making practices at the Neolithic settlement of Catalhoyuk, and the importance of attending to the quietly receding histories of improvised communities imperiled by practices of heritage-making in urban India (Mumbai and Delhi). More recently, within the museum context she has turned her focus to thinking through the im/possibilties of repair through refashioned and redirected forms of historical attention.

She has received financial support for her research from the Wenner-Gren Foundation, The Getty Research Institute, Columbia University, Leiden University and the American Schools of Oriental Research.

Selected Publications
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