Senior Researcher & Research Coordinator

Carolyn Nakamura

Carolyn Nakamura

Research Coordinator


Carolyn Nakamura joined the RCMC in February 2017 as Academic Programs & Research Coordinator. She has held previous positions as a postdoc coordinator for the Global Interactions Research Profile at Leiden University  (2010-2016), and as a Lecturer at Stanford University in the Department of Anthropology (2008-2010).

She has a BA in Chemistry (Reed College) and a PhD in Anthropology (Columbia University). Her research loosely congregates around issues of material culture and urban formations. She has looked at issues of embodiment, materiality, and ritual in Neo-Assyrian apotropaic state magic, domestic world-making practices at the Neolithic settlement of Catalhoyuk, and the importance of attending to the quietly receding histories of improvised communities imperiled by practices of heritage-making in urban India (Mumbai and Delhi). More recently, within the museum context she has turned her focus to thinking through the possibilties of repair through refashioned and redirected forms of historical attention.

She has received financial support for her research from the Wenner-Gren Foundation, The Getty Research Institute, Columbia University, Leiden University and the American Schools of Oriental Research.

Selected Publications
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