Collections Conversations

Very often objects seem to be separated off from the dense issues and questions that are relevant today, such as migration, gender/sexuality, climate change, and inequality, among others. Ethnographic and colonial collections are especially excluded from such discussions and yet they are embedded in these same issues and phenomena. For instance, considered explorations of diasporic or cross-cultural objects, objects that have been awkwardly forced into a binary gender system, objects embedded in various relationships with the earth, and objects rendered or acquired within a colonial or otherwise unequal relationship, can illuminate otherwise concealed practices, histories and relationships. Collections Conversations thus seeks to articulate the NMVW collections within current critical discussions, using the collections as an anchor for exploring processes of encounter, dislocation, exchange, circulation, expression, knowledge production, alterity and belonging that animate the construction of different subjectivities and experiences of the world. In what ways can ethnographic collections push us to think more deeply, productively – even more creatively – about the planet, migration, inequality, identity and gender? 

Conference | RCMC | 11 - 12 June 2015
Symposium - RCMC - 12 and 13 November 2015
Symposium | 19 Feb '16 | Tropenmuseum
Symposium | 8 Oct | Museum Volkenkunde
Workshop | 28 Sept 2017 | RCMC

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