Symposium | 9 Feb | Tropenmuseum

A Shared History: Conversations on the Slavery Past in the Present

The symposium A Shared History: Conversations on the Slavery Past in the Present was a daylong event which brings together diverse stakeholders including academics, artists, activists as well communities of interest.

Through lectures, workshops, conversations and performances, the following questions were adressed:
  • How do we make the slavery past a common past?
  • What are the afterlives/ legacies of the slavery past in contemporary Dutch Society? Can we even speak of legacies?
  • Apology! Yes, No, Why?
  • What relationship exists between the reparation of historical wrongs and the building of more equitable presents and futures?
  • What is the state of public knowledge about the slavery past? What role do educational and cultural institutions play in knowledge production, healing or silencing of the past?
Multiple sides of the discussion

A Shared History– Conversations on the Slavery Past in the Present, engaged with the multiple sides of this discussion. We wanted to address how the slavery past has been and is debated, remembered or forgotten in the present. What are the main concerns for those who believe that it is a past best forgotten? Conversely, why do some stakeholders think that it is in remembering slavery that we can come to a healing for the past? What are the possibilities creating a more convivial society where all feel welcomed?

The day’s events were organized around a series of inter-related themes presented in concurrent conversations and workshops ensuring that attendees and guest speak together and exchange ideas, strategies and references.

Online Now

For videos from this event, see Gedeelde Geschiedenis | Tropenmusem on our YouTube Channel.

Gedeelde Geschiedenis | AFTERMOVIE

About the event

Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 09:30 to 16:00
Tropenmuseum, Linnaeusstraat 2, Amsterdam


Amal Alhaag
Programming Research Center for Material Culture
Wayne Modest
Head Research Center for Material Culture