Invited Fellows

RCMC Distinguished Fellows

RCMC Distinguished Fellows are selected based on their body of work in relation to one of the RCMC research themes. In general, these fellows will be established international scholars or creatives interested in collaborating or thinking together with the RCMC on research topics and issues that push forward new museum practices and/or approaches to material culture and collections.

RCMC-FEL Senior Scholars

The RCMC-FEL Senior Scholars Fellowship program seeks to bring international scholars to Leiden who will contribute to the research agendas of both the RCMC and Leiden University, to generate ideas for new museum practices, contribute to the scholarly offerings for students, further the research agenda of both academics at the university and researchers and curators at the museum. Where possible, they will contribute to the development of joint research projects. 

Senior research fellows will be proposed by both museum and university partners and will be chosen based on their work in relation to the interrelated research themes of the RCMC. The first Senior Scholar was James Clifford in 2016. The next scholar will be invited for 2018 or 2019. 

RCMC Research Fellows

RCMC Research Fellows are selected based on their body of work and innovative approaches to a topic related to one of the RCMC research themes. Academics, activists, artists, designers and others may be invited to do research on NMVW collections related to photography (Tholenaar van Raalte), fashion and dress (Rita Boland), and design (RCMC Design).  

Textile, Dress and Fashion
FEL Senior Scholar | 2016
Global Design History
RCMC Distinguished Fellow | 2018