Curator Southeast Asia

Pim Westerkamp

Drs. Pim (W.) Westerkamp



Curator Southeast-Asia

Pim Westerkamp is the curator of Southeast Asia and an expert on Indonesian material culture and (colonial) history, the history of collections and ethical issues. Since 2005 he is curator of Southeast Asia in the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam and since the merger for the National Museum of Worldcultures. Prior to this he worked for fourteen years as a curator Indonesia at the Museum Nusantara in Delft.

He is currently working on his PhD research on the movement of people and objects between Indonesia and Europe and how that relates to exhibition practices in the private and public sphere, to get a better understanding of the performance of (post) colonial selves, that involves questions of the home, belonging and in- and exclusion. He studied Indonesian Languages and Cultures at the University of Leiden and Theatre Studies at the University of Amsterdam. He graduated in 1987 on a comparative study of Javanese dance masks. In 2001 he graduated yet again as an anthropologist with research in the life of young Muslims in Yogyakarta, Central Java.


Selected Publications


2015      Ethnicity or Culture, The Career of Mannequins in (Post)Colonial Displays, in Susan Legêne, Bambang Purwanto & Henk Schulte Nordholt, Sites, Bodies and Stories, imagining Indonesian history, Singapore, National University of Singapore Press

2012      Domestic Life in: Janneke van Dijk, Rob Jongmans, Anouk Mansfeld, Steven Vink en Pim Westerkamp with Wimo Ambala Bayang, Historical photographs in the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, KIT Publishers

2011      articles in Janneke van Dijk, Susan Legêne, The Netherlands Indies in the Tropenmuseum, Amsterdam, KIT Publishers

2009      From Singa to Naga Padoha, the making of a magical creature in Journal ‘Indonesia and the Malay world’  vol. 37 (2009), issue 108 (July), 163-181