The RCMC provides a platform for innovative research, experimentation and public engagement. Often in collaboration with external partners, we program a variety of events targeting diverse publics, from academic and museum practitioners, to artists, creatives and activists, to various local and translocal communities.

The RCMC hosts sustained and thoughtful discussions on a variety of topics through our annual series (e.g., Un/Engendered, Global Earth Matters) and events and fellowships. We also seek to build and maintain ties with various national and international communities through recurring events (e.g., Waka Weekend, Keti-Koti) and special community-focused programs (e.g., Ghana After 60 Years). All of these events and series fall under one of RCMC's three main lines of programming: Connecting Arts, Connecting Diasporas and Collections Conversations. In addition, the RCMC also explores the research themes through our Academic Programming, which engages a broad academic network and hosts leading international and national scholars.