Public Program

The RCMC also invites a more general public to get involved with our collections through debates, lectures, artist talks and film screenings. These public programs bring a wide array of stakeholders, including academics, artists, and performers, into conversation with our publics on selected themes.

Activate is a series of loosely tied together projects intended to uncover the contemporary meanings of our collections for different local and global stakeholders. Questions are often asked about the relevance of ethnographic collections. We believe that they are important for a better understanding of how we make meaning in our lives both in the past and in the present. In Activate we foreground the potential of objects to inspire creativity and feelings of belonging, to trigger memory, and to connect people to recent or distant pasts. Activate is focused specifically on working with artists, poets, writers and performers to interpret our collections in new ways and to create new works inspired by them. The project is based on the idea that objects play an important role in how we negotiate our everyday lifeworlds: their meanings for us are based on what aspects of ourselves we bring to them.

Collections study days
Collections study days are organised for specialists and the general public alike to delve into different aspects of our collections. The focus of our study days is on the material and immaterial qualities of the collections, on styles, designs or the material from which they are made. We also focus on connecting materials – such as hair, silk or gold – with global histories and contemporary socio-political discussions.

Annual Event | Waka Project
Community Project | 2017-2018
Public Program | 2017 Series
Public Program | 2017 Series
Annual Event | 4 en 5 mei
Community Project | 2017
Activate project | 2016-2017

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