Fellowship | Information

RCMC Collections Fellowship

What We Expect
  • Fellows are expected to contribute to the intellectual life of the RCMC; this will include at least one presentation of their work to the research staff and/or general public
  • Fellows are asked to contribute to the RCMC website/blog, in the form of a short essay, video interview, or other digitally accessible form
  • Fellows should provide the RCMC with documentation on all new basic information generated on the collections 
  • Fellows should make accessible to the RCMC any publications resulting from their work at the Center; open access publications should be made available on the RCMC website
  • Research findings should impact the way the museum interprets, displays or document its collections
  • In some instances, where possible, the fellowship could lead to a research-oriented exhibition
  • Language requirement: Dutch and/or English
Please note:
  • Individuals and collectives can only apply once for a fellowship. We will not consider revised or new applications in subsequent years.
  • ​We cannot provide feedback on proposals before or after submission.​ 
Application Deadline

The call for 2018 is not yet open.