International and National

Research Fellowships

Each year, the RCMC offers several short-term residential research fellowships for scholars, curators, and practice-based researchers working on issues related to RCMC research themes.

The call for applications is currently closed.

**The RCMC Fellowship program will be changed in 2018. Please check back in the future for new details.**

From 2015-2017, we offered the following fellowships:

Textile, Dress and Fashion
Indonesia & Southeast Asia
Global Design History
Fellow Profile

International and national curators, practice-based researchers (artists, designers, etc.), and junior and senior scholars who are involved in innovative research or work that we feel coincides with our institutional vision and can help to push our work forward, and fulfill the requirements of the specific fellowship.

What We Expect
  • Fellows are expected to contribute to the intellectual life of the RCMC; this will include at least one presentation of their work to the research staff and/or general public
  • Fellows are asked to contribute to the RCMC website/blog, in the form of a short essay, video interview, or other digitally accessible form
  • All information generated about the collection should be entered into the museum’s documentation system
  • Fellows should make accessible to the RCMC any publications resulting from their work at the Center; open access publications should be made available on the RCMC website
  • Research findings should impact the way the museum interprets, displays or document its collections
  • In some instances, where possible, the fellowship could lead to a research-oriented exhibition
  • Language requirement: Dutch and/or English
Please note:
  • Individuals and collectives can only apply once for a fellowship. We will not consider revised or new applications in subsequent years.
  • ​We cannot provide feedback on proposals before or after submission.​ 
Application Deadline

The call for 2017 is closed. The call for 2018 is not yet open.


Ninja Rijnks-Kleikamp
Coordinator Research Center for Material Culture

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