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Rita Ouedraogo

Rita Ouedraogo


Rita Ouedraogo is an Amsterdam based independent curator, cultural programmer and researcher with an interest in African diaspora, decolonizing institutions, institutional racism, popular culture and social issues. She currently does programming for the RCMC.

Her work explores these themes through collaborations with social organizations, institutions, platforms and audiences. She holds a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology of the University of Amsterdam. During her studies she developed an interest in theories of institutional racism, representation and the process of decolonizing for museums. She also worked as a research assistant on Dr. de Witte’s research: African by Design in which she was able to work as an independent researcher next to Dr. de Witte.

By transforming academic ideas on belonging, institutional racism, decolonizing and social issues into creative projects and events for a broad audience with a link to popular culture, she aims for engagement and shared authority. her aim is to creatively engage visitors with certain topics and critical thinking. She does so through research on belonging, institutional racism, colonialism and its aftermaths and working with communities by sharing knowledge and authority.