Research Center for Material Culture

Wayne Modest
Head Research Center for Material Culture
Ninja Rijnks-Kleikamp
Coordinator Research Center for Material Culture
Amal Alhaag
Programming Research Center for Material Culture
Carolyn Nakamura
Senior Researcher & Research Coordinator
Rita Ouedraogo
Research Programmer & (Community) Collaborations
Robin Lelijveld
Juliette Huijgen
Communications & Production Manager

Curatorial Department

Henrietta Lidchi
Chief Curator
Paul van Dongen
Coordinator Library and Documentary Collections
Annette Schmidt
Curator Africa
Cunera Buijs
Curator Arctic
Mirjam Shatanawi
Curator Middle East and North Africa
Wouter Welling
Curator Contemporary Art
Francine Brinkgreve
Curator Insular Southeast Asia
Martin Berger
Curator Middle and South America
Wonu Veys
Curator Oceania
Daan van Dartel
Curator Popular Culture and Fashion
Pim Westerkamp
Curator Southeast Asia
Daan Kok
Curator Japan and Korea

Collections management

Cindy Zalm
Head Collections Management
Ester de Bruin
Coordinator Collections Management
Fiona Mackinnon
Coordinator Conservation, Restoration and Loans
Richard van Alphen
Coordinator Digitization Collections
Sijbrand de Rooij
Coordinator Digitization Collections
Dick Dirkse
Collections Management
Harm Linsen
Collections Management
Lex Verhey
Collections Management
Marjolijn van Beelen
Coordinator Collections Management
Martijn de Ruijter
Floortje Timmerman
Collections Management and Loans
Farideh Fekrsanati
Margrit Reuss
Marijke Kunst
Ingeborg Eggink
Registration and coordinator photo collection
Jacqueline Boerkamp
Collections Management
Irene de Groot
Marit Jacobs
Collections Management and Loans
Remco Lek
Collections Management