Museums, Citizenship and Belonging in a Changing Europe brings together scholars, curators and artists to think critically about the ways museums engage with complex and polarized debates on citizenship and belonging.

What does it mean to be Dutch and who decides that? Since September 11 2001, the discussion about who we are, multiculturality and the future of the Netherlands in a globalising world has become more urgent, and more polarised. Cultural institutes and museums reflect also on these developments, but on what level do they influence the current conceptualization and discourses in the society?

What should museums of ethnography collect today and for the future? This workshop will explore trajectories towards collaborative practices for collecting and documenting collections within ethnographic museums.

Sharing a World of Inclusion, Creativity and Heritage: Ethnography, Museums of World Culture and New Citizenship in Europe (SWICH) is a four year collaborative project between ten 10 museums across Europe and funded by the EU’s Creative Europe funding program. The project explores the role that ethnographic and world cultures museums can play in processes of citizenship and belonging in contemporary Europe. The budget for the project is 2M Euros.

Materiality in an Interconnected World explores the cultural dimensions of globalisation, focusing on the mobility’s of material culture, global interconnectivity, and the underlying power dynamics. It explores how the meaning of objects, styles and aesthetic forms changes over time and space.