The RCMC also invites a more general public to get involved with our collections through debates, lectures, artist talks and film screenings. These public programs bring a wide array of stakeholders, including academics, artists, and performers, into conversation with our publics on selected themes.

The museum organises a waka weekend every year that aims at fostering relations between the museum, Toi Maori, the Nga Waka federation, Njord, Ngati Ranana, Kohanga Reo and the New Zealand Embassy in The Hague.

The importance of community engagement to the interpretation and conservation of museum objects is widely recognized. The role of museum objects in connecting a specific kind of community - for instance, the diaspora - has been examined to a far lesser extent. The Museum Volkenkunde’s waka project occupies a very special position in this regard.

What should museums of ethnography collect today and for the future? This workshop will explore trajectories towards collaborative practices for collecting and documenting collections within ethnographic museums.