The Un/Engendered lecture and workshop series invites key opinion makers, activists and cultural theorists to reflect on societal norms of gender and sexuality within our ethnographic collection.

Disassembling sexual and gender identities in the city

“We are often superficially perceived as "sub" culture. Sub for whom? Not for us”- artist, activist Kareem Reid.

In 2015, five feminists were detained in China for more than a month; their public activism for more female toilets, against domestic violence and for safer subways, appeared to challenge the authorities too much. Meanwhile, in India, calls for a safe city for women continue to dominate public debate. Asian cities are changing at an unprecedented speed, along with their gendered social fabrics. Simultaneously, forces against changing gender roles also multiply, summoning a return to traditional (often regarded as ‘Asian’) values that invokes banishing women back to the private sphere.