2017 Lecture/Workshop Series


The Un/Engendered lecture and workshop series invites key opinion makers, activists and cultural theorists to reflect on societal norms of gender and sexuality within our ethnographic collection.

With this series of lectures and workshops we delve into the meaning and role of gender in our collection. The majority of ethnographic objects were collected, classified and conserved by men throughout the world. How can thinkers, activists and artists question, rethink and rewrite the notion of gender, body politics and sexuality, and its relation to patriarchy in contemporary societies? Un/Engendered offers a multitude of perspectives and voices on gender in global and historical context that resonate with our contemporary world. The series kicks off in May 2017 with a special workshop around the themes of the body politics, race, gender and sexuality in ethnographic museums.

Event Dates:

  • 24 June 2017 | Declassified: How to Un/Engender the Ethnographic Object | Tropenmuseum
    The symposium Declassified: How to Un/Engender the Ethnographic Object traces the (historical) construction of gender and sexuality within the collecting practices of ethnographic museums.
  • 10 November 2017 | Body Politcs | Tropenmuseum
    The symposium Body Politics attempts to bring in an intimate setting a variety of artistic and academic voices together that offer us tactics, resistance, disturbance and tools to discuss the normative notions of sexual, gendered and political identities within ethnographic museums and institutions.
Performances | 10 nov 2017 | Tropenmuseum


Amal Alhaag
Programming Research Center for Material Culture