Connectings Diasporas

Connecting Diasporas is a provocative exploration of the relationship between diaspora communities and the museum’s collection. Across Europe over the last century, cities have emerged as ‘super-diverse’ centers. This different kind of polity hosts citizens who claim roots not only in diverse but also multiple places across the world.  An emergent, complicated minority/majority politics within these world cities grapple with questions of belonging, heritage, and citizenship. While these cities emerged in relation to the postcolonial project, ethnographic museums stood as quiet centers of super-diversity well before this demographic moment. Europe made itself, in part, by collecting and archiving the rest of the world. 

Connecting Diasporas brings together these two diasporas - communities and collections - in order to think through multi-constituted, shifting polities and the complex emotions of estrangement and belonging, distance and intimacy they entail.  

Annual Event | Waka Project
Community Project | 2018-2019
Public Program | 2018 Series
Public Program | 2017 Series
Annual Event | 4 en 5 mei
Symposium | 29 June | Tropenmuseum

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